The 2002 Titus Quasi-Moto DH is a full-suspension mountain bike with an aluminum Fox RC2 frame. The frame has a Buyer's  Choice finish.

It was released in 2002. Due to the frame materials and other factors, we estimate that this bike weighs around 35 pounds.


The Quasi-Moto DH comes with Mountain Mix components, including a Thomson Elite Easton EA50 stem, a threadless, Chris King NoThreadSet Dia-Compe SAS headset and SRAM Shimano shifters.

The FOX Forx Float and Rock Shox fork has a true suspension.


The Quasi-Moto DH has 9 speeds and has a SRAM ESP Shimano derailleur.


It comes with IRC tires and tubeless, Bontrager Mavic rims.

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Type Mountain
Year 2002
Alt. Names Quasi-MotoDHKit2, Quasi MotoDHKit4, Quasi-MotoDHKit4, Quasi MotoDHKit2, Quasi MotoDHKit1, Quasi-MotoDHKit1, Quasi-MotoDHKit3, Quasi MotoDHKit3, Quasi MotoDH Kit4, Quasi Moto DHKit2, Quasi MotoDH Kit2, Quasi MotoDHKit 2, Quasi MotoDHKit 4, Quasi MotoDHBasic, Quasi-Moto DHKit2, Quasi-MotoDH Kit2, Quasi-MotoDHKit 2, Quasi Moto DHKit4, Quasi Moto DHKit1, Quasi MotoDH Kit1, Quasi MotoDHKit 1, Quasi-MotoDHBasic, Quasi-Moto DHKit1, Quasi-MotoDH Kit1, Quasi-MotoDHKit 1, Quasi-Moto DHKit4, Quasi-MotoDH Kit4, Quasi Moto DHKit3, Quasi MotoDH Kit3, Quasi MotoDHKit 3, Quasi-MotoDHKit 4, Quasi-MotoDHKit 3, Quasi-Moto DHKit3, Quasi-MotoDH Kit3, Quasi Moto DHKit 1, Quasi Moto DHKit 2, Quasi Moto DH Kit4, Quasi-Moto DH Kit4, Quasi MotoDH Kit 2, Quasi-Moto DHKit 4, Quasi Moto DHBasic, Quasi-Moto DH Kit1, Quasi-Moto DHKit 1, Quasi Moto DHKit 4, Quasi-MotoDH Kit 1, Quasi-MotoDH Kit 4, Quasi MotoDH Kit 1, Quasi-Moto DH Kit2, Quasi-Moto DHKit 2, Quasi Moto DH Kit3, Quasi Moto DHKit 3, Quasi MotoDH Kit 4, Quasi MotoDH Kit 3, Quasi-MotoDH Kit 2, Quasi-MotoDH Basic, Quasi-Moto DHBasic, Quasi Moto DH Kit2, Quasi-Moto DH Kit3, Quasi-Moto DHKit 3, Quasi MotoDH Basic, Quasi-MotoDH Kit 3, Quasi Moto DH Kit1, Quasi-Moto DH Kit 3, Quasi Moto DH Kit 3, Quasi Moto DH Basic, Quasi-Moto DH Kit 1, Quasi Moto DH Kit 1, Quasi-Moto DH Kit 2, Quasi-Moto DH Basic, Quasi Moto DH Kit 2, Quasi-Moto DH Kit 4, Quasi Moto DH Kit 4