The Raleigh MTi is a 25,26 pound a mountain bike with a titatium BT01 frame. It was first released in 1993 and again in 1994. The MTi has fork suspension.


The MTi comes with Shimano and LX components, including a Tioga Hidden Binder stem and grip-shift, SRT-500, Shimano Tomac Grip shifters.

The Rock Shox Mag 21 and Tange Struts fork has a true suspension.


The MTi has 8,7 speeds and has a Shimano derailleur.


It comes with kevlar Tioga Psycho tires and Mavic 231 Sun Metal CR-16 rims.

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Type Mountain
Year 1993, 1994
Alt. Names MTi1000, MTi 1000, MTi2000JohnTomacDesign, MTi1000JohnTomacDesign, MTi2000John TomacDesign, MTi2000 JohnTomacDesign, MTi 2000JohnTomacDesign, MTi 1000JohnTomacDesign, MTi2000JohnTomac Design, MTi1000John TomacDesign, MTi1000 JohnTomacDesign, MTi1000JohnTomac Design, MTi1000John Tomac Design, MTi 1000 JohnTomacDesign, MTi1000 John TomacDesign, MTi 2000 JohnTomacDesign, MTi 2000John TomacDesign, MTi1000 JohnTomac Design, MTi 1000JohnTomac Design, MTi2000 John TomacDesign, MTi2000 JohnTomac Design, MTi 1000John TomacDesign, MTi2000John Tomac Design, MTi 2000JohnTomac Design, MTi 1000John Tomac Design, MTi 1000 JohnTomac Design, MTi2000 John Tomac Design, MTi 2000 John TomacDesign, MTi 2000 JohnTomac Design, MTi 1000 John TomacDesign, MTi 2000John Tomac Design, MTi1000 John Tomac Design, MTi 1000 John Tomac Design, MTi 2000 John Tomac Design