The Raleigh Detour is a commuter/city/comfort/hybrid bike with an aluminum, steel and chromoly Atomic 13 frame. The frame comes in colors like red, blue and brown.

Originally released in 2008, there are 9 versions of this bike. Due to the frame materials, we estimate that this bike weighs around 25 pounds. The Detour has fork suspension with 63mm travel.


The Detour comes with various commuter bike components, including an aluminum, forged, adjustable, quill, Quill, Ahead Adjustable, Adjustable Raleigh stem, a threadless, integrated, Threaded, Aheadset Ahead headset and integrated, twist, Shimano, SRAM Via Rapidfire shifters.


The Detour has 9,10,8,7,1 speeds and has internal rear cogs and a Shimano SRAM Via derailleur.


It comes with Kenda tires (622mm x NaN) and double-wall Weinmann rims.

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Type Commuter, City, Comfort, Hybrid
Year 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
Alt. Names Detour6.5, DETOUR3.0, DETOUR4.5, Detour2.5, DETOUR2.5, Detour3.5, DETOUR3.5, Detour4.5, DETOUR6.5, Detour5.5, Detour3.0, DETOUR4.0, Detour4.0, DETOUR5.5, DETOUR 2.5, DETOUR 6.5, Detour 4.5, Detour 5.5, Detour 3.5, DETOUR 3.0, Detour 2.5, Detour 3.0, DETOUR 3.5, DETOUR 4.0, DETOUR 4.5, Detour 4.0, Detour 6.5, DETOUR 5.5, DetourDeluxe, DETOURDELUXE, DETOURDeluxe, DetourDELUXE, DETOUR Deluxe, DETOUR DELUXE, Detour DELUXE, Detour Deluxe, DETOURCitysport, DETOURCitySport, DETOURCitySPORT, DetourCitySPORT, DetourCitysport, DetourCitySport, DETOUR CitySPORT, DETOUR Citysport, DETOUR CitySport, DETOURCity SPORT, Detour CitySport, DETOURCity Sport, DetourCity SPORT, DetourCity sport, DetourCity Sport, Detour CitySPORT, Detour Citysport, DETOURCity sport, DETOUR City SPORT, Detour City sport, Detour City SPORT, Detour City Sport, DETOUR City Sport, DETOUR City sport, DETOURCitySPORTDLX, DetourCitySPORTDLX, DETOURCitysportDLX, DetourCitysportDLX, DETOURCitySportDLX, DetourCitySportDLX, DetourCity SportDLX, DETOURCity SPORTDLX, DETOURCity SportDLX, DETOUR CitySPORTDLX, DETOUR CitysportDLX, Detour CitySportDLX, DETOURCitySPORT DLX, Detour CitysportDLX, Detour CitySPORTDLX, DETOURCity sportDLX, DetourCity sportDLX, DetourCity SPORTDLX, DetourCitySport DLX, DETOURCitySport DLX, DetourCitysport DLX, DETOURCitysport DLX, DetourCitySPORT DLX, DETOUR CitySportDLX, DETOUR CitySPORT DLX, DetourCity Sport DLX, Detour City SportDLX, DetourCity sport DLX, DETOURCity sport DLX, DetourCity SPORT DLX, Detour City sportDLX, Detour City SPORTDLX, Detour CitySport DLX, DETOURCity SPORT DLX, DETOURCity Sport DLX, DETOUR Citysport DLX, Detour CitySPORT DLX, DETOUR City SportDLX, DETOUR City sportDLX, DETOUR City SPORTDLX, DETOUR CitySport DLX, Detour Citysport DLX, DETOUR City sport DLX, Detour City SPORT DLX, DETOUR City SPORT DLX, Detour City Sport DLX, DETOUR City Sport DLX, Detour City sport DLX, DETOURCitySPORTPremium, DETOURCitysportPremium, DETOURCitySportPremium, DetourCitySportPremium, DetourCitysportPremium, DetourCitySPORTPremium, DetourCitySPORT Premium, DETOURCitySPORT Premium, Detour CitySportPremium, DETOURCitysport Premium, DETOUR CitysportPremium, DETOURCitySport Premium, DETOURCity SPORTPremium, Detour CitySPORTPremium, DETOURCity sportPremium, DetourCity SportPremium, DetourCity sportPremium, DetourCity SPORTPremium, DetourCitySport Premium, Detour CitysportPremium, DetourCitysport Premium, DETOUR CitySPORTPremium, DETOUR CitySportPremium, DETOURCity SportPremium, Detour CitySPORT Premium, DETOURCity Sport Premium, Detour City SportPremium, DETOUR City sportPremium, Detour City sportPremium, DETOUR City SPORTPremium, DetourCity SPORT Premium, DETOUR CitySport Premium, DetourCity sport Premium, DETOURCity sport Premium, DetourCity Sport Premium, DETOURCity SPORT Premium, DETOUR City SportPremium, DETOUR CitySPORT Premium, Detour Citysport Premium, DETOUR Citysport Premium, Detour CitySport Premium, Detour City SPORTPremium, Detour City SPORT Premium, DETOUR City SPORT Premium, Detour City sport Premium, DETOUR City sport Premium, Detour City Sport Premium, DETOUR City Sport Premium