The AMP Research B3 is a 25,23,24 pound a full-suspension mountain bike with an aluminum and steel Alcoa / T6 / AMP frame. The frame comes in colors like red, red and black.

Originally released in 1995, there are 6 versions of this bike. The B3 has saddle suspension.


The B3 comes with Shimano components, including an aluminum, Hsin Lung, Control Tech Ahead stem, a threadless, Ritchey Logic, Shimano Deore Aheadset headset and Shimano RapidFire shifters.


The B3 has 9,8 speeds and has a Shimano derailleur.


It comes with Hutchinson Specialized Team tires (26in x NaN) and Sun Mavic rims.

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Type Mountain
Year 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001
Alt. Names B3, B-3, B3XT, B3LX, B-3LX, B-3XT, B3 LX, B3 XT, B-3 LX, B-3 XT, B3AllCountry, B-3AllCountry, B3All Country, B3 AllCountry, B-3 AllCountry, B3 All Country, B3AllCountryXT, B-3All Country, B-3 All Country, B-3AllCountryXT, B3AllCountry XT, B3All CountryXT, B3 AllCountryXT, B3All Country XT, B-3 AllCountryXT, B3 AllCountry XT, B3 All CountryXT, B-3All CountryXT, B-3AllCountry XT, B-3 AllCountry XT, B3 All Country XT, B-3All Country XT, B-3 All CountryXT, B-3 All Country XT, B3LagunaBeachClassic, B-3LagunaBeachClassic, B3LagunaBeach Classic, B3Laguna BeachClassic, B3 LagunaBeachClassic, B-3Laguna BeachClassic, B3Laguna Beach Classic, B-3 LagunaBeachClassic, B3LagunaBeachClassicXT, B3 LagunaBeach Classic, B3 Laguna BeachClassic, B-3LagunaBeach Classic, B3Laguna BeachClassicXT, B-3LagunaBeachClassicXT, B3 Laguna Beach Classic, B3LagunaBeachClassic XT, B3LagunaBeach ClassicXT, B-3 Laguna BeachClassic, B-3 LagunaBeach Classic, B-3Laguna Beach Classic, B3 LagunaBeachClassicXT, B-3LagunaBeachClassic XT, B-3 LagunaBeachClassicXT, B-3 Laguna Beach Classic, B3LagunaBeach Classic XT, B-3Laguna BeachClassicXT, B3Laguna BeachClassic XT, B3 Laguna BeachClassicXT, B3Laguna Beach ClassicXT, B-3LagunaBeach ClassicXT, B3 LagunaBeachClassic XT, B3 LagunaBeach ClassicXT, B-3Laguna Beach ClassicXT, B-3Laguna BeachClassic XT, B3 Laguna BeachClassic XT, B-3 LagunaBeachClassic XT, B3 LagunaBeach Classic XT, B-3LagunaBeach Classic XT, B3Laguna Beach Classic XT, B-3 Laguna BeachClassicXT, B-3 LagunaBeach ClassicXT, B3 Laguna Beach ClassicXT, B-3 Laguna Beach ClassicXT, B-3 Laguna BeachClassic XT, B-3Laguna Beach Classic XT, B3 Laguna Beach Classic XT, B-3 LagunaBeach Classic XT, B-3 Laguna Beach Classic XT