The Raleigh M-series is a full-suspension mountain/juvenile bike with an aluminum, chromoly and steel Rock Shox / Raleigh / Ballistic coil- frame. The frame comes in colors like red, red and ruby.

Originally released in 1993, there are 30 versions of this bike. Due to the frame materials, we estimate that this bike weighs around 30 pounds.


The M-series comes with Shimano, Mountain Mix, ESP 9. and Alivio components, including an aluminum, steel, chromoly, four-bolt, forged, threadless, tig-welded, oversized, hi-rise, Koski, Fusion O.S. Bulge Styl, TIG, Bulge, Samness CNC A-Head, Live Chin, Hsin Lung, Sameness, Ahead Leadtec stem, a steel, threadless, integrated, sealed, Tange-Seiki, Tien Hsin, Dia-Compe Kontak Aheadset ST, Victor, WTB, Zero Stack, Tange, Chin Haur CH-903B, ZST ST headset and grip-shift, Shimano, SRT-600, SRT-400, SRT-100, SRT-300i, MRX-100, SRT-800 X-Ray, MRX-170, SRT-400i, SRT-4.0, SRT-6.0, ESP 9., Centera, MRX Optical Gear Display shifters.

The aluminum, chromoly / steel Manitou, TIG, Fusion, Rock Shox, Raleigh, SR, RST, Chien Sing, Univega and Sakae fork has a true suspension.


The M-series has 9,8,7,6,5 speeds and has freewheel rear cogs and a Shimano ESP 9. derailleur.


It comes with kevlar, skinwall, IRC, Cheng Shin, Kenda, Maxxis, On/Off Road Design, Panaracer, Duro WTB tires (NaN x NaN) and aluminum, steel, disc, double-wall, Mavic, Rigida, Araya MP-22, Rodi Vuelta Strong Ti-Ano, Weinmann, Vuelta, Bontrager BCX-3, Strong, Alex, WTB SpeedDisc Syncros XLT rims.

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Type Mountain, Juvenile
Year 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
Alt. Names M, MI, M80, M40, M50, M55, M60, M20, M30, M15, M45, M 15, M800, M 40, M 60, M 80, M 20, M200, M 55, M600, M 50, M400, M 45, M 30, M- I, M7500, M 400, M8000, M40GS, M30FS, M9000, M 800, M 200, M 600, M3000, M40DX, M50DX, M 30FS, M 40GS, M 3000, M7500I, M 9000, M 7500, M 8000, M 40DX, M 50DX, M 7500I, M80Disc, M7500 I, M 80Disc, M80 Disc, M 7500 I, M8000iFM, M 80 Disc, M8000i FM, M 8000iFM, M 8000i FM